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As a car owner, the idea of your key becoming stuck in the ignition can be very stressful. It is even more stressful if you actually find yourself sitting in that position. Car owners admit that when they have found themselves in this situation, they are at a loss on how to proceed. You don’t want to leave the car. For one, you will have to leave the door unlocked since the keys are stuck in the ignition. This will make your vehicle easy for any unscrupulous person who happens by to break into. If you are in a rush, perhaps to get to work or an appointment, this can add even more stress to an already stressful day. However, there are a few things you can do to try to get yourself out of this situation.
Check the key’s position
Is the key in the correct position in the ignition? The ignition allows for four positions of use, each providing a different outcome. Position one generally unlocks the steering wheel. Position two usually powers on the accessory components, such as the radio. Position three will allow the car’s fuel injection system and computer to power on. And the last position, position four, starts the engine. Sometimes, the key is in the wrong position for you to be able to withdraw it. Example, the ignition is in position two (radio on), and you are trying to remove the key. It seems simple, but make sure the ignition is actually in the off position. You also should make sure that your vehicle is in park. As a safety feature, automatic cars do not allow the key to be removed from the ignition unless the car is in park.
Move the wheel
This is another suggestion that seems very simple and obvious at its core. Sometimes the steering wheel is locked in an awkward position. Try moving the steering wheel carefully from side to side. There is no need for excessive force here. The issue can be as simple as the position of the steering wheel locking your ignition. When you move the wheel into a new position, try your key. Hopefully you will be able to remove it once the steering wheel is correctly positioned.
Battery Issues
If your battery is dead, it could cause the key to become stuck in the ignition. This feature is only on some car makes and models. If your key is stuck in the ignition, and the battery is dead, your first course of action should be to at least partially charge the battery. You do not want to attempt to remove the key if the battery is dead, as this can lead to the key breaking off in the ignition. Once the charging process is complete, try to remove your key from the ignition.
Household product help
If you find your key stuck in the ignition, and all else has failed, you could try to get the keys out using some products that are found around the house. There are ways you can troubleshoot this issue on your own, but they usually come with drawbacks that could be expensive. One product you can try, usually found in your toolbox, would be a pair of pliers. In some cases, people have been able to use a pair of pliers to remove their keys from the ignition. Please note, if using this method, be sure to avoid moving the key roughly from side to side – you could damage parts inside the mechanism, or you could even break the key in half. This would leave the bottom half of the key stuck in the ignition. Another option is to use a bobby pin. You may be able to remove the cap covering the ignition lock – this will give you access to the inside. Inside, you will find a lock override, and if you press it with the head of a bobby pin, it may release the key. Some people have even had luck loosening the key. To do this, you would need an electrical lubricant or silicone based spray. This may allow enough slickness for you to be able to remove your key. However, this is another circumstance where you risk the possibility of the key breaking off inside the ignition.
Call a Locksmith
This is an option people generally don’t think of. When something happens to your vehicle, the first thought is usually for a mechanic. However, a locksmith can help with all types of locks, including vehicle locks. If you have tried some of the above methods to no avail, then your next call should be to a licensed and insured locksmith. Luckily, there are even some locksmiths that offer 24/7 emergency service, so you can call them at any time of the day or night, unlike auto mechanics that usually work within business hours, and you would have to get your vehicle to their shop. A locksmith will come out to you, and can do it right away. The best part about calling a locksmith is you don’t have to risk doing further damage to your vehicle. This is why I put a caution on many of the above methods. If you are too aggressive in your application, you may end up doing more harm than good. A locksmith will have the correct tools and equipment to get the key out of the ignition. They can also do an assessment to let you know why your key became lodged in the first place, and perhaps they can give you pointers on how to avoid this issue in the future.
If you are in the Atlanta, GA area and are searching for a quality locksmith that also specializes in automotive locksmith services, please call the experts at Atlanta Fast Locksmith. The team will be able to give you speedy assistance, and we also offer 24/7 emergency assistance services. Don’t risk doing further damage to your vehicle – simply give us a call and our experts will come to your location to give you the assistance you need.


Rising Global Temperatures Can Affect Your Lock Security and Your Pocketbook

Atlanta Lock Professional, Wes Anderson of Atlanta Fast Locksmith, has the “key” to fighting the effects of climate change. 
Recent studies show that global warming can become much more personal in the near future. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC; as small as a 5-degree hike in global temperatures can result in a cost to society of between 38 billion, and 115 billion dollars. Much of this massive cost involves deploying additional police and security measures to combat a noticeable rise in crime. Atlanta Fast Locksmith’s Wes Anderson is at the forefront of the local movement to better secure area homeowners against the rise in crime rates due to climate changes.
Global warming is ever-present in national and global news, entertainment channels, and social media. Daily we hear about rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and altered rainfall patterns. Climate change is no longer a possible theory; it has become woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Public policy and consulting firms now report a correlation between the rise in temperatures and a rise in crime rates. Rape, murder, burglaries and home invasions are predicted to rise dramatically over the remainder of this century. The actual predicted numbers are staggering and they paint a dim view for personal and corporate safety and security. The costs of adding security and deploying extra police forces are equally distressing; numbering in the billions of dollars. Violence and conflict are byproducts of destabilized weather and rises in sea levels that go hand in hand with a long established rise in overall crime during hotter temperatures.  
Wes Anderson has locksmith advice for anyone affected by climate change and warming temperatures. He’s seen the effects of hotter climes on both lock hardware and on public attitude and crime rates. Atlanta’s torrid summer temperatures combined with surplus humidity often result in expanding door frames, jammed locks and broken off keys. Conversely, in winter months, dropping temperatures lead to lock contraction resulting in substandard fit between lock hardware and door frame. All is not doom and gloom, however. “We encourage local residents to work with a trusted locksmith professional to ensure that their locks are in healthy shape, not only now, but in the coming hotter years. A simple hardware checkup can pinpoint areas for improvement as well as security weak spots that may not be obvious,” Anderson says.
Atlanta Fast Locksmith is full service and offers home, automotive and business locksmith expertise. Wes Anderson and his 24-hour licensed, bonded and insured locksmith professionals can be reached by calling (678) 255-8555or finds them on Yelp

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Practical and Useful Ways of Securing Your Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you will not experience a break-in or that it can’t happen to you. You can experience a break-in anywhere, regardless of where you live. We see it every day at Atlanta Fast Locksmith in Atlanta, GA. This is why we are often called on to rekey locks or replace locks. If you wish to avoid a break-in, there are things that you can do before moving in and even after you’ve already moved into your new apartment. We’ve outlined some of these things for you below.
Things You Can Do ‘Before’ Moving In
Have New Locks Installed
This is important because despite what some management offices will say, they don’t actually change the locks; they simply swap them for locks from another apartment. This isn’t safe because someone still has a key that can open that lock. Make sure that you have the locks of your apartment changed before you move in. This might require that you buy the lock yourself but it is well worth knowing that the locks are not old locks that have been placed on your door from another apartment.
Really Get to Know Your Neighborhood
You should find out all that you can about the crime in the area that you are moving into before moving. Unfortunately, the leasing agents are not always forthcoming in offering this information. Remember, their job is to occupy apartments. They aren’t going to do anything that could possibly prevent this from occurring. That is why you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. Go to the local police department and ask for a report on the crime in the neighborhood. You can also go online to websites, such as, CrimeReports.com and CrimeMapping.com, to find this information.
Check Your Window Locks
This is another area of the home that is often overlooked. Since the window is another way that an intruder can gain entry inside your home, it is a good idea to take a close look at the locks on all of the windows in your apartment. You should especially consider doing this if your apartment is on the ground level of the building. Window locks can be compromised if a would-be burglar were to try to break-in. Since they can be compromised just like a door, it is a good idea to make sure your window locks are of good quality. If they are not, have them replaced. You can never be too safe.
Evaluate the Property Upkeep
Before moving into an apartment, walk around the interior and exterior of the building. Most apartments will make sure that the apartment you are interested in renting is in good condition and that the front of the property is well maintained. However, if you walk around you might notice some alarming things, such as, broken windows, trash in the parking area, lights out, water stains and cracked drywall. This is a sign that the landlord isn’t as concerned with the property as they should be. This in turn means that they are likely not as concerned with the safety and security of their tenants than they should be. Keeping up the basic maintenance of a building is important but not as important as the safety of those who life on the property.
Peephole for Protection
A peephole is a way to see who is at your door before opening it. Someone might identify who they are but it is most helpful to see if they are who they say they are. It is very dangerous to open up your door to someone whom you do not know or are not expecting. If your apartment doesn’t have a peephole, ask the management office if and how one can be installed. This isn’t something that should be ignored and should be discussed prior to moving in.
What Type of Entrance
If you are safety conscience, you might consider moving into a building with access control. Access control means that no one can gain entry into the building without someone allowing them access inside. They might have to enter a code that will then notify a specific tenant. The tenant can allow them inside or not. In some apartments, the tenant is allowed to give their code to their visitors. If the code is entered incorrectly, they will not be able to get inside. This is an added feature that offers greater security to the building.
Things You Can Do ‘After’ Moving In
Purchase Good Blinds/Curtains
The people on the outside should never know what you have inside your apartment. This is advertising what you own. If you have something that a burglar wants, you may be making your apartment the target of a would-be burglar. This is why you should make sure you have good blinds and curtains that you cannot see through from outside. Test them by closing them at night and having someone walking in front of them to make sure that you can’t see through them. This should be done before you being moving in all of your valuables.
Secure Your Patio Door
Most patio doors are sliding doors. The locks that are on a sliding door are generally there to keep the door shut, not to secure the home. You’ll need to purchase a bar lock or put a pole on the inside track to prevent anyone from getting inside. This is the one door that is overlooked most often. Remember to do this if your new apartment has a patio or balcony.
Obtain Renters Insurance
While getting renters insurance doesn’t serve as safety it does give you the security in knowing that if ever your valuables are damaged, that you will be able to get something in return, money. You file a claim on what was lost or stolen and the insurance company will compensate you. Renters insurance protects other tenants against damages they may incur as a result of something in your apartment.

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Locks and keys go together; they always have! Man has been using this lock and key combination for thousands of years as working locks have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and they are mentioned in Sumerian clay tablets. In the modern world, a new technology has made an appearance; keyless entry systems! Now you can open locks with NO keys at all. Keyless entry has become invaluable in both auto and commercial applications not only here in Atlanta, GA but everywhere else in the world where locks are used. Even residential locks have now adapted to keyless technology and homes, condos and time shares now boast keypads, card entry and even badge readers to make life better secured and convenient.
Automotive keyless entry
Usually when some says “keyless entry systems” people think of cars. This amazing technology has been used in the automotive industry for some time and it is almost standard with some brands especially in the higher price brackets. Keyless entry systems can also include keyless remotes so that the operator can now start, unlock, lock and open his car without even being near it. Some buyer prefer to not have it or use it while others can’t live without it so pretty much keyless entry for cars is a matter of preference. Here at Atlanta Fast Locksmith our automotive lock professionals are highly adept at repairing, maintaining, installing and servicing keyless entry no matter what make or model of car, truck or SUV you drive. You are not limited to our expertise as many Atlanta, GA lock shops offer experienced and skilled keyless entry service on a 24-hour basis and at amazingly affordable rates.
Keyless entry at home
Keyless entry for residential use is rapidly gaining popularity with both builders and home buyers. The act if simply entering a number sequence or swiping a card to gain entry is very appealing as no more cumbersome keys are needed. Imagine going for a walk around the neighborhood with your special someone and not having to lug around a noisy and bulky key chain. With no keys to bother with, there are less incidents of lost keys, broken off keys, copied keys and even stolen keys. Keyless entry is both convenient and secure. Don’t worry; no one is going to stand outside your front door and try number sequence after number sequence until they hit the jackpot! Just like auto keyless entry, the system locks up if the right sequence is not used right away. In some cases, security or the police are automatically called.
With residential keyless entry you don’t have to hide that spare key in the flowerpot or under the door mat anymore. You can also program the lock to accept different key codes for every member of your household so that you always know who came and went and at what time.
When you lose an actual key, you are not only inconvenienced, but your home security is compromised. After all, you don’t know who found your key and what they will do with it! Maybe they know where you live and maybe they don’t, but you can never be sure that a dishonest person didn’t see you drop your key ring and follow you home. With keyless entry, you don’t have to worry about lost keys as your key code or number sequence is in your head!
Keyless entry for business
One of the biggest strides in keyless entry advancement is in the business field. More and more Atlanta, GA commercial operations are using keyless entry to enhance security and streamline operations among staff, customers, contractors and vendors. Using key codes, swipe cards, badges and number sequences allows for better tracking of building access as well as smaller, more specialized locals like cash registers, vaults, offices, lockers, mail rooms, storage facilities, warehouses and even service fleets.
You can find keyless entry systems used in hotels, apartment rentals, museums, hospitals, schools, office parks, retail stores, jewelry shops, laundromats, restaurants, medical clinics, condo associations, high rise residences, government offices, banks, retirement homes, home builders, assisted living facilities, convenience stores and hundreds more!
Keyless entry can be used as a form of access control. Number sequences and key cards can be assigned to key employees and authorized staff members and fraud or misuse can be cut down and almost eliminated by adding CCTV cameras to verify identification so that users are not swapping cards or codes for fraudulent use.
More benefits
If keys are lost, broken or worn, new ones need to be made. With keyless entry, you can simply re-assign the code or change it to fit your needs. Instead of cumbersome key chains to mess with, your “keys” can instead be a thin plastic card or simply a series of letters or numbers.
Advanced forms of Atlanta, GA keyless entry can even include biometric entry systems that work off of fingerprint lock technology. Retina scanners for more high-tech and specialized use are also extensively used in some local applications. As technology advances, expect more and more uses for keyless entry as well as additional forms of it.
Find out more
Can keyless entry add enhanced security and benefits to your life? It just might! Atlanta Fast Locksmith encourages you to find out more. You are always welcome to phone our shop and speak to our full service locksmith staff. They are helpful, knowledgeable and well versed in all of the latest keyless entry methods and technologies. Other local lock and key shops offer keyless entry services, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to get additional details on keyless entry for your Atlanta home, auto or business. Many local locksmiths offer free consultations, free price quotes and professional services that can include all forms of keyless entry available to date.
Keyless remotes and keyless entry are established and emerging technologies that offer enhanced convenience and security for your work, driving and living conditions.


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Atlanta, Georgia locals appreciate safety and convenience – that is why they live in this great city. Those who own residential or commercial properties, or even a vehicle, should look into the solutions offered by Atlanta Fast Locksmith. Services we can be hired for vary from lockout assistance 24/7 and lock replacement to key duplication and rekeying locks. 
No matter what you are looking for as it relates to locks and keys, trust that we are the absolute best in Atlanta, GA for quality solutions and affordable prices. Dial (678) 255-8555 so we can send someone to help you. Atlanta Fast Locksmith wants to make sure that if you are in the area, your property is protected. Call our team: (678) 255-8555

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More Consumers Are Keeping Up With Technology by Installing Electric Home Locks

Electric Locks provide a faster and more convenient way to unlock and open a door. Many consumers are opting for this new technology for both convenience and safety. 
Consumers don’t mind paying convenience. Perhaps this is why so many are choosing to have more high-security locks installed, such as, electric locks. Gallup reported that approximately one year ago, property crimes in the United States decreased by 7.5 percent from the previous year. This decline is due, in part, to the increase in the number of electric locks being used by homeowners today.  
Two of the most widely used residential electric locks installed by Atlanta Fast Locksmith are the push-button lock and the wireless lock. Without the need for a key, a push-button lock requires that the exact code be entered into the keypad. Upon entering the correct code, an electronic signal is sent to the lock, which allows it to open. This type of lock is designed with magnets or internal motors that engage the lock feature. It is a popular choice for consumers because it is easily programmable. Whenever you need to prevent someone with the current code from gaining access, you can quickly change the code on the push-button lock. 
Wireless locks are just as popular as the push-button lock since no key is required. It is a battery-powered mechanism that uses Bluetooth technology. This type of lock requires a key fob in order to disengage the lock. Once the key fob is programmed with the specific lock, it only requires the user to wave it in front of the lock in order for it to open. Wireless locks were once only used in commercial establishments but with recent advances in technology it is just as practical for home use 
Wes Anderson of Atlanta Fast Locksmith says, “Even though most consumers are aware of the higher price tag of electric locks, they do not seem to mind, as the advantage of having such a lock gives them a greater sense of security.” “Consumers receive value for their money,” Anderson continues. Many locksmith services are seeing an increase in requests for electric locks. Atlanta Fast Locksmith helps consumers by explaining the many options that are now available to them. With over 25 years of service

experience, atlantafastlocksmith.com can assist with any lock or key emergency, rekey locks, provide lockout assistance, and install high-security locks and more. Their services are offered 24-hours a day.

Aricle source here: More Consumers Are Keeping Up With Technology by Installing Electric Home Locks


Long before an emergency arises, track down a reliable locksmith. Find a dependable locksmith in your area before you ever need one. Do you have a desire to augment your home security, or to enhance the security of your business? Perhaps you want to upgrade your regular locks to deadbolts, install bump-proof locks, or install a keypad. Do you need to change out your locks? Maybe you’d like to heighten your security with an intercom system, an anchored safe, video surveillance, or a smart key system. Whatever you may be seeking, do your research, so you’ll avoid getting scammed or overcharged.
Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues for a recommendation. Word of mouth from a satisfied customer is always your best source of information.
Choose a locksmith that’s local. Call directory assistance, check the telephone book, and search the Internet. If you see a locksmith’s street address, be sure to verify that the address given really belongs to that locksmith company. Sometimes, a disreputable company will claim to be local when it’s actually not. Use the Web to match each phone number to its street address. Beware if someone answers the phone with a generic salutation ~ such as “locksmith services” ~ instead of the company name. Ask for the legal name of the business, and if the person hems and haws, cross that locksmith off the list.
Be sure to ask the right questions. Some wholly legitimate locksmith companies may not include a street address because they operate a mobile business, which dispatches a professional locksmith who is local to each customer. Accordingly, if you contact a locksmith without an address listed, find out why there’s no address given.
For future reference, write down the name of the potential good locksmith companies you find, each with its address and telephone number. Keep track of the ones that specialize in the specific locksmith services you need.
You can consult the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have ever been filed regarding a particular company. Also, you can check with your state’s attorney general’s office as well as your local consumer protection agency.
Confirm the locksmith’s credentials. When your locksmith arrives, ask for a business card, locksmith license number, and identification. Make sure the invoice includes the company name, and verify that the locksmith’s vehicle displays the same name as the business card and the invoice. For security purposes, your locksmith must also ask for your identification, too. A legitimate locksmith will authenticate your identity, and make sure that you’re the actual property owner ~ whether of your home, business, or automobile ~ before carrying out any job.
Make sure your locksmith is thoroughly background-checked, suitably bonded, properly insured, officially certified, and fully licensed. Moreover, depending upon the locksmith service, the work done should be backed by a warranty. If the worst happens, and, heaven forbid, your property is damaged during the course of a service call, or if the locksmith does faulty work, the locksmith must be insured to cover such a loss.
If you ever are locked out, be doubtful of any locksmith’s claim that drilling or replacing the lock is necessary. An experienced locksmith professional will bring the right tools, and will know that such drastic notions would be overkill. The fact is, an accomplished locksmith can unlock just about anything.
If you’re locked out of your car, then if you’re a member of a roadside assistance organization, call them first. A roadside assistance company maintains its own list of pre-approved subcontractors that regularly perform standard services, such as unlocking your vehicle, giving your battery a jump, and so on, so if you’ve used your service before, then you already know you can rely upon them to do what you need. Otherwise, call a locksmith company specializing in automotive lockouts and other automotive challenges such as servicing your ignition cylinder, replacing car keys, programming your transponder key, and more.
Request a formal quote ahead of time. No matter what the job is ~ emergency or routine ~ before any work begins, get a written estimate that shows the total cost including all labor, parts, and fees, if any. If you’re locked out ~ of your home, your business, or your car ~ a professional locksmith will certainly give you a ballpark estimate on the phone. So ask about possible additional charges. There might be a minimum fee; an extra charge for responding after hours; a mileage charge; and so forth. If the price the locksmith gives you upon arrival doesn’t agree with what you were told over the telephone, then say thanks but no thanks.
Once you’ve located a reputable locksmith, and you have a positive experience, keep that company’s information on hand for your future reference ~ on the fridge, in your wallet, and on the bulletin board at work. You always want to be able to get out of a jam quickly if any problems come up having to do with locks and keys. Whether you require a locksmith for a one-time problem, or you need an expert you can count on who will work for you on an ongoing basis, of course you’ll want that individual to be absolutely trustworthy. Whether it’s a locksmith service for your place of residence, your place of business, or your vehicle, you definitely don’t want to grant access to just anybody when it comes to resolving issues with keys and locks.
If you’re not in a crisis right this minute with keys and locks, now’s the time to find a top locksmith! An exceptional locksmith will offer you a FREE consultation, so it’s a good idea to request one. Bring all your questions to a locksmith who’s a consummate professional. If you’re situated anywhere in Atlanta, Georgia, then you’ll be glad to know that 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, the mobile locksmith technicians on staff at Atlanta Fast Locksmith are perpetually prepared to carry out residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency services.


The Various Kinds of Locks and the Protection They Provide

Do you know your padlocks from your deadbolts? This may seem like an obvious comparison, but locks can come in many shapes and sizes. Different lock types will be better for specific types of properties, while others are advised against for certain doors. They may also be relatively simple or quite sophisticated, affordable or expensive, electronic or manual. 

See what we mean? With so many choices, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed when choosing the right lock to protect you and your valuables. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s security or your commercial building could benefit from a new set of locks, you should ask your local locksmith to help you select the right fittings for your property and budget.  
Before we get to that, though, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular lock varieties out there. 
Different types of locks 

1)     Knob locks
These are your standard residential door locks, installed in both internal and external doors. Knob locks comprise a key cylinder on one side and a turning knob on the other, offering you your staple home security basics. They shouldn’t be used as standalone protection as they are very easy to force their way into. A secondary lock like a deadbolt should be fitted alongside these to ensure your property is adequately safeguarded.    
2)      Padlocks
Padlocks are unique in that they are the only ‘portable’ locks you will find in a residential property. They can come in different sizes and variations are not attached to a foundation. All padlocks have three main components: the locking mechanism, a shackle and the body of the lock. Additionally, there are two types of padlocks you can choose from – keyed and combination. 
You can probably guess the difference between the two padlock types: the former is opened with a key, while the latter relies on a special code. Not only that, keyed padlocks can also come in key-retaining and non-key retaining options. Once you have opened a key-retaining padlock, the key will stay in place until you lock it again. If you want a bit of flexibility with your keyed padlock, opt for one that doesn’t retain the key. 
3)      Deadbolts
Deadbolts are a very popular choice for the main entrance doors of a residential property, accompanying the aforementioned knob locks. Here, an internal bolt is driven into the door frame after a rotating cylinder is turned to lock it – and it will stay there until retracted back into the initial unlocking position. Popular deadbolt options include: 
         Single cylinder deadbolts: The most common type around, these have a key cylinder on one side and a turning thumb knob on the other. We wouldn’t recommend these around glass doors, as someone could easily break the surrounding glass and reach around to unlock the deadbolt.
          Thumb turn deadbolts: Very similar to single cylinder – the point of difference is that these have an additional lock for their inner turning mechanism.
          Double cylinder deadbolts: More complex than a single cylinder and thumb turn, these comprise a key cylinder on both sides of the lock. While they provide you with heightened security, they could make emergency evacuations more difficult.
          Keyless deadbolts: These are activated by code, making them much harder to break into. The downside is that these can be more expensive than other deadbolt types.   
4)      Lever handle locks
A popular choice in commercial properties. With these locks, you have a lever that has been especially designed to open and close easily – something that is crucial in a building with a high foot traffic. Once the lever is swung up or down, a bolt is released to quickly open the door. Like your residential knob locks, a lever handle lock will a rotating door knob on one side and a key cylinder on the other. 
5)      Mortise locks
Mortise locks are a two-in-one component, combining a non-locking spring latch that is controlled by a lever, and a deadbolt locking mechanism. That dual action makes these locks significantly stronger than most locks – meaning they are much harder to break into. With that said, they are also harder to install into a property too. 
6)      Cam locks
These are simple locks used to secure low-level devices like filing cabinets and lock boxes. The “cam” is a small tailpiece that keeps these locks secure. A key is required to take the cam out of, and back into its slot.
Find the right locks for your property 
Like we said, contacting a lock and key services provider will give you a lot of clarity over your security. Seasoned pros have installed and replaced these several times, and they will know exactly what type of lock is best for each type of property. Many locksmith businesses these days won’t charge you for a consultation, and they won’t pressure you into making a rash decision. We want to emphasize that, because every industry has its scammers, you should choose your locksmith professional wisely. Always hire a local business with a fully verifiable address – and run away from any operator that refuses to give you a full business name and information on licensing and insurance upon request. Locksmith services seldom cost several thousand dollars, so make sure to ask for a full cost breakdown of the options you are considering for your property. 
Are you looking for a locksmith business in Atlanta, GA? Then you’re in luck! Atlanta Fast Locksmith is more than happy to help you find the right locks for your property – whether you are a local homeowner or you own a business in the area. Get on the phone with our licensed and insured professional to inquire about our services and we will provide you with a full price quote, free of charge. 
Regardless of where you live or the type of property that you own, we hope that this basic guide to the various types of locks will help you better understand some of the options you can select from. Make sure to contact your trusted locksmith professional to find out more about your protection.

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Lost Transponder Key

When you have a newer model car, undoubtedly, you have a transponder key. The transponder key is convenient because it allows you to start your car without placing a key in the ignition. You can open your car without sticking a key in the keyhole. There is just another level of convenience that is afforded to owners of newer vehicles that those with older vehicles may not be familiar with. Another advantage to having and using a transponder key is that it makes stealing your car much more difficult. Without the proper transmission the car will not start.  Like any key, it is possible to lose your transponder key. You don’t ever have to worry, if you lose your transponder key, a professional service, such as, Atlanta Fast Locksmith in Atlanta, Georgia could quickly come and reprogram another one for you, on the spot.
However, when you have lost your transponder key, you likely want some practical solutions to the problem. Well, you’re in luck because we are here to offer you some.
Lost Transponder Chip
If you lose your chip, the key simply will not work. Whenever your key has been dropped too often, it can loosen up the chip until the chip eventually falls out. The chip is often mistaken for the battery. When you try to use your transponder key only to realize that the chip has fallen out, you can depend on the services of a reputable locksmith services in Atlanta, GA to come to your location to handle the problem. Most mobile locksmith services are equipped to handle this for you. They can bring you another chip and program it for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only a dealership can handle this for you because most professional lock and key services have the same equipment the dealerships have to accomplish the same thing.
Stay Prepared
At the end of the day, it really is a matter of convenience. Losing your transponder key isn’t the worst thing that could happen, not having a backup key until you can tend to your transponder key issue, is the worst thing that could happen. Be smart about it. ALWAYS have a spare key! This simply minimizes the level of frustration that you experience and give you time to calm down so that you can think. If you have a spare key, you don’t risk spending money on abrand new transponder key (which isn’t cheap) and later finding it. If you don’t already have a spare key, get yourself one TODAY! Most dealerships will actually give you another one as an incentive to buy a car. If you are offered certain features that do not come standard with the car you are considering purchasing, why not ask them for a spare transponder key instead of one of the features they are trying to sell to you. Give the spare key to someone who will be responsible and available to assist you whenever you might need it.
Insurance for Lost or Stolen Keys
If someone tries to sell you lost key insurance, reject it. You don’t need it if you are plan for the worst by having a spare key made. You are required to make an annual or monthly payment toward insurance that could be a headache to even get them to pay. Save that money and invest in a spar key, it is a lot less expensive. You don’t have a to have a spare transponder key, you can simply invest in a standard car key, which is far less expensive than the insurance.
Buy Online
You might be reluctant to buy a key online but if you are keen on saving money, it isn’t a bad option. There are some reliable online options for purchasing a new transponder key, one of them is eBay. The key to purchasing a transponder key online is to buy from a reputable resource. There are various manufacturers of transponder keys but not all are reliable sources. You can contact a locksmith who will surely know which manufacturer would offer you the best value for your money. The other thing to consider when purchasing a transponder key online is to only buy it online if they offer a return policy. If you buy it and get it home and the key doesn’t work, you want the reassurance that you will be able to return it and perhaps have them send you another one. Sometimes these things simply happen.
Another great gadget to invest in, especially if you are always losing your keys, is a key locater. This handy little gadget can save you time, money and frustration. It is well worth trying to find one online, where the prices will be significantly less expensive than buying it from retail store. The key locator is programmed to direct you to your key. You can often find them offered on Amazon or eBay and most sellers offer a return policy, which is always a good sign in my opinion. There is no reason you should throw money away when you shopping online to save money.
Lets face it; we all have a lot on our minds these days. The last thing you probably imagine is losing your key. If you are going to be able to minimize your level of stress, do yourself a favor by thinking before hand, what you’ll do if you should happen to lose or have your transponder key stolen. A great resource is always a local locksmith. Locksmith technicians can offer you a reliable resolution to your problem. Don’t panic, and just think back to this article should you happen to lose your transponder key. The steps mentioned above are practical and affordable. You don’t always have to be quick to spending more money than is necessary when you’re prepared for the possibility of losing your transponder car key. Again, while it is convenient to have them, they can also be misplaced or stolen, so be prepared.

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